Registration Services

Registration Services

Digi Accounto is one of the leading organizations, work in multiple sectors and provide various Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi.

We all are aware of the fact that India is the second largest country in the world in terms of population. According to the stats of the past years, India is growing faster than China in many terms. The country is going through a start-up boom, in multiple fields like manufacturing, logistic, healthcare, and another sector also.

Company Formation Services (Public Limited, Private Limited or OPC etc.)

Company Registration in India So the new company registration in Delhi becomes the need and it should be simple for startups. Generally, Company Formation Services takes minimum 7 days or more, whether it is a Public Limited, Private Limited or OPC. And Digi Accounto helped hundreds of entrepreneur for their company registration in India. The Government of India has also taken an initiative in a favor of entrepreneurs, now it takes only one day to register a company. We provide for partnership firm registration in India online for the ease of the clients.

Limited Liability Partnership Firm Registration Services

A company with Limited Liability partnership can be incorporated with minimum 2 and maximum 200 partners. The tax rate for limited liability partnership is more than Pvt Ltd.

Basic requirement for Limited Liability Firm Registration Services

  1. ✔ Minimum 2 directors
  2. ✔ One partner should Indian resident
  3. ✔ Incorporated in minimum 15 days

Partnership and Proprietorship

Digi Accounto is the leading organization provide company registration in Delhi NCR. The average time taken for proprietorship registration is 3 to 5 days. Apart from this, it also depends client document submission and government processing time. Consult with us for proprietorship registration for free.

Partnership firm registrations are generally easy to pursue because basically, it serves the small and medium-sized business. There are two kinds of Partnership firm registration, registered and unregistered partnership firm. We are the leading organization for the best partnership firm registration in Delhi.

TRADEMARK Registration Service

A Trade Mark gives security to the owner by ensuring the right to use it and authorize someone to use it in return of payment. According to the Indian trademark law, the types of it are listed below:

Product trademarks: It identified the goods, it can be a brand name, the logo and the label affixed to the product.

Service trademarks: It identifies the services provided by an entity or organization like a retail outlet, broadcasting and consulting services etc.

Collective trademarks: It is registered as the name of organizations, groups, and associations for commercial activities.

We provide Trade Mark Registration Service in Delhi and follow the proper guideline of the government. In India Trade Mark Act, 1999 is followed by every trademark registration service provider.

Copyright Registration Service

There is four type of work which comes under Copyright Registration Service:

  1. 1 Original Literary Work
  2. 2 Original Dramatic Work
  3. 3 Original Musical Work
  4. 4 Original Artistic work

Digi Accounto provide Copyright Registration Service, it helps to provide protection against infringement of any rule defined by the government of India.

Service for obtaining PAN, TAN

To obtain TAN or Tax Deduction and collection number having 10 digits, the applicant must submit the 49B form along with the required documents. We provide service for obtaining Tan quickly and with a simple process. We are an authorized TAN Facilitation centre. It is a number allotted to the entity or organizations which must have quoted TAN in all TDS/TCS return challans and certificate.

Our Other Services

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  • Company Formation Services (Public Limited, Private Limited or OPC etc.)
  • Limited Liability Partnership Firm Registration Services.
  • Partnership and Proprietorship
  • Firm Registration Services.
  • Trade Mark and CopyRight Registration Services.
  • Service for obtaining PAN, TAN